Integrated Industrial Production Center


industrial :

Qualifies the nature of the activities of the system and not its production. SIIP tends to replicate the best industrial practices of the production process for learning purposes and / or seeking improvement. It goes without saying that neither the volume nor the rate of production can be qualified as industrial.

integrated :

485/5000 Assumes mastery of all phases of the production process: from design and simulation of the process to industrialization through production and maintenance management, quality control and communication. It concerns the different activities of the production system: Design and manufacture of product elements Assembly of product elements Planning and process management (optimization, transfer, piloting, monitoring …)


Relates to the means and techniques designed and implemented to achieve, in a minimum of time, changes of series, pace or volume in terms of production and transfers.

Missions & Goals

the SIIP is a project:

Structuring and innovative both technologically and pedagogically. It is also unifying and contributes to the better use of the human and material resources of the school as well as the renovation of methods and means. As a result, its benefits go beyond the specialties involved.
Modular and scalable design is concerned with the compatibility of control systems to minimize the risk of obsolescence. It must also avoid any technical or organizational rigidities.
linked to an open partnership with the industry, which will in all cases be beneficial for its sustainability.

The Integrated Industrial Production Center (CIIP) is a structure formed around the SIIP. Its missions are:
to update knowledge and give ENIT a comfortable technological lead in the field of production systems engineering. to offer a multidisciplinary synthesis to basic academic training in a place that, by reproducing professionalized working conditions, brings the engineer closer to his industrial environment. federate resources and optimize the means to promote interdisciplinarity in the field of production. to consolidate the opening of ENIT on its environment


The Integrated Industrial Production System (SIIP) is formed:

a production unit consisting of the following items: Digital Control Tower Digital injection machine Metrology (MMT) and quality control equipment (roughness meters, calipers and quality control software) a flexible assembly unit consisting of: Conveyor and robot stations assembly, sorting and conformity control